Sunday, July 09, 2006

"You must have very vivid dreams", they said.

A few months ago I had a crazy dream.

I often have dreams about swarming insects. Maybe I should be referring to these as nightmares rather than dreams. Anyone who knows me, knows that swarming insects freak me out. I can't even handle the sight of ant hills or bee hives.

So this dream...ack nightmare... started the same as any other. I fell asleep. This was back in the day when I still had a bed. Now I sleep on my friend's futon mattress on the floor. It is cozy I suppose. Well, thats another story- lets get back to the purpose of this blog, my nightmare.

There was a spider in my room. It was running on the floor, and I saw it moving so so fast. I tried to kill it with my shoe. It did not die. Instead it grew, at least twice its original size. It continued to run on my floor. It wasn't trying to get away from me. It was taunting me.

Again I attempt to end the spiders life, this time with a swift swing of a large hard cover book. I once heard that it is a sign of being out of your mind, or crazy, to continue to repeat the same action and expect different results. So I must have been crazy to expect the spider to die. As you may have guessed, it grew once again. This time into a little green bubbly cartoon monster. It was still small, maybe 3 inchs tall or so. This time it had also developed the ability to speak. And it did.

"You'll never catch me"

This little green bugger chanted this to me as it ran around my bedroom floor. I grabbed a blanket off my bed and caught it. It squirmed and yelled as I twisted the top of the blanket tight. Quickly, I looked around my room, unsure of what to do with this creature. I ran out of my room into the common area of my small two bedroom apartment. My roomate stood in the kitchen. She was surrounded by stacks of pancakes. Pancakes to the ceiling on every countertop. She held a pancake in her hand and was eating it while starring at me wide eyed.

I ran to the kitchen, ignoring the strange behavior of my roomate and accepting it as normal.

Pancakes filled the sink.

"Get these fucking pancakes out of the sink!",
I screamed at her.

She stared back at me with a blank expression. Continued to eat her pancake and did not move. Meanwhile, the little green monster was still squirming in the blanket that I now held with one hand as I tried to remove the pancakes from the sink.

Once the sink was cleared, I shoved the little guy into the garbage disposal.

I turned it on and listened to it as it screamed and was eaten alive by the machine in the drain.

I awoke the next morning and told this dream to at least 10 people.
"You must have very vivid dreams", they said.

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