Saturday, September 30, 2006

finding nemo

Last night I was hanging out at a coffee house downtown. I think I was there for a few hours and then I met some friends for sushi. Sushi was good, but I wouldn't suggest to drink merlot with it. Then it was off for a fun night of dancing and drinking. I got to hang out with Christine* and Jacob*. I never hang out with them. It was a good little change. We got really drunk. Jacob is a very generous person and spent a lot of money buying us drinks. I thought that was nice, but I also felt bad letting someone spend so much on me. When the night was done we took a cab ride home. This morning I awoke and realized my car was downtown. So without much hesitation, I slipped on my running shoes and was out the door to retrieve my car. About 5 minutes into the run, I realized that I was really dehydrated and hung over. That was a really painful run. It was only a little over 2miles, but it hurt. I was glad when I got to my car and drove home. The best part is that I ran off my hangover- I feel great now. Good to know.

Friday, September 29, 2006

thats what the man says

I stayed up until 2am working on my new site. Not much progress but im becoming an actionscripting pro. Today I decorated the office for homecoming. As the designer in the office, people assume I am a natural decorator. My apartment says otherwise. Its late and im sitting alone at a coffee house. I will soon be enjoying some sushi with my friends. I like sushi.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

start spreading the news

Im leaving in about 4 months. I decided that now is the perfect time to try a new city. Mission=SF or nearby somewhere bay areaish (is that a word?). As soon as my lease is up, I'm off.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

training with the rangers

my secrete is out, the running shoes and dreams of visiting Tokyo are really because I want to be a power ranger:

mostly because I gave up my true dream and came to terms with reality. I will never be a ninja turtle.


//Begin random thoughts
I went to the laundromat yesterday. Now my cloths are clean.
I also went to the store- got a cute pair of shoes and a new scarf - (its getting cold, brrrr).
I was going to go running, but instead I went and got a cup of hot green tea at the coffee shop downtown.
Then I was going to clean my apartment, but instead I made a big mess.
I wanted to go to sleep, but I painted instead.
Today I was going to work on some web stuff. I don't really want to though. The second something becomes "work" is the second I avoid it.
Now I am at another coffee shop. There is some soothing jazz playing in the background.
I never heard from that job.
I feel like I went on a really good date and was prepared to get married, only to get stood up at the alter.
This is why I don't like interviewing or dating.
//End random thoughts

Friday, September 22, 2006


My parents never owned a home computer. They used type writers. I wrote all my high school papers either on a type writer or at the public library. There were no computers in my home until my second year in college.

I was trilled when I had finally saved up enough of my waitressing tips to buy my very own computer. Knowing absolutely nothing about computers, I had my mind set on purchasing a Dell. I actually ordered one, but something went wrong and it never came. Dell reimbursed my money. Figuring it was bad karma, I decided to wait to buy one from someone else. The following semester I changed my major to graphic design ( I felt inspired after one drawing class and decided physical therepy was not my thing). I enrolled in a class that I was not qualified for. I had never used a mac or any of the adobe suite software applications. It was sink or swim, and I swam. The instructor told me the first day that I should drop the class because I would never pass. I spent hours and hours in the computer lab. That was the most time I had ever spent with any computer. I was computer stupid. I grew to love those macs and bought one of my own. It was a G4 Powermac. That computer has always been good to me. I never really used PCs so I just don't have much to say good or bad about them.

Its been over four years since I got my first computer. Since then I have learned so much and even got my second mac - powerbook. I don't buy them because they are cool or trendy- I'm not a trendy girl. I use them because they work well for what I do and I have never had a problem, and well because they are in my comfort zone. So PC people please don't give me a hard time about my computer. I don't give you a hard time.
That is all

Friday, September 15, 2006

this is strange

I got this in my junk mail, what is it?

And, Genie, just the other day youdidnt care how I saw you. Guess Ill give myself up as a bad job, he told her. Youve got to climb the mountain and walk till I canbuy another burro. Blair, perhaps youcan give an old desert codger a little advice, said Adam.
His mention of a youngfellow suddenly rendered Genie amazed, shy, bewildered. Sunset had passed when Adam got the packs spread, the fire built, andsupper under way.
Kindliness beamed uponher countenance and she seemed to have acquired a more thoughtful eye. Well, youve got to take your medicine now. With the buckle in her hands the girl slowly walked toward the graves ofher parents.
Mother and I took to a surer wayof living.
Weve been about ten days coming over themountains. Despite her garb and its rents, Adam could not but feel proud of her.
They told me Genies story, she said, and her eyes spoke eloquentpraise her lips denied. He called Genie, and she came readily, though not without shyness. Still a child, Genie, he said, huskily, as he disengagedhimself from her wild embrace. Look here, bub, the lad went on, plaintively, I cant stand this wayall night.
How clear had been his vision ofthe future! Adamespied the children in the yard, and now he took cognizance of them. Ill take Genie over there rightthis minute! It whispered to Adam that he was alone on the desert. And asfor the lad, no gold could enhance Genies charm for him. You make me feel old too, she protested, and sheran away. Adam, unpacking the burros, turned them loose, sure oftheir delight in the rich green grass.
And, Genie, just the other day youdidnt care how I saw you. Its hardly a ranch, though we have hopes, replied Blair.
Adam had seen it written in their unconscious eyes.
Look Genie, how grey and dry the canyon is, said Adam hoping to diverther.
Blairs kindliness quickly put the girl at ease.
Wansfell, you mustbe family and friends and all to that girl.
What amazement and delight it would occasion Mrs.
Forgotten were Genies dreams of yesterday!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I learned one thing today

I like to spend a lot of time doing things the hard way. Then I like to give up, get a mcflurry and to return to it later that evening.

Friday, September 01, 2006


ha ha ha, this is how i spent my thursday night: