Saturday, September 23, 2006


//Begin random thoughts
I went to the laundromat yesterday. Now my cloths are clean.
I also went to the store- got a cute pair of shoes and a new scarf - (its getting cold, brrrr).
I was going to go running, but instead I went and got a cup of hot green tea at the coffee shop downtown.
Then I was going to clean my apartment, but instead I made a big mess.
I wanted to go to sleep, but I painted instead.
Today I was going to work on some web stuff. I don't really want to though. The second something becomes "work" is the second I avoid it.
Now I am at another coffee shop. There is some soothing jazz playing in the background.
I never heard from that job.
I feel like I went on a really good date and was prepared to get married, only to get stood up at the alter.
This is why I don't like interviewing or dating.
//End random thoughts

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