Friday, September 22, 2006


My parents never owned a home computer. They used type writers. I wrote all my high school papers either on a type writer or at the public library. There were no computers in my home until my second year in college.

I was trilled when I had finally saved up enough of my waitressing tips to buy my very own computer. Knowing absolutely nothing about computers, I had my mind set on purchasing a Dell. I actually ordered one, but something went wrong and it never came. Dell reimbursed my money. Figuring it was bad karma, I decided to wait to buy one from someone else. The following semester I changed my major to graphic design ( I felt inspired after one drawing class and decided physical therepy was not my thing). I enrolled in a class that I was not qualified for. I had never used a mac or any of the adobe suite software applications. It was sink or swim, and I swam. The instructor told me the first day that I should drop the class because I would never pass. I spent hours and hours in the computer lab. That was the most time I had ever spent with any computer. I was computer stupid. I grew to love those macs and bought one of my own. It was a G4 Powermac. That computer has always been good to me. I never really used PCs so I just don't have much to say good or bad about them.

Its been over four years since I got my first computer. Since then I have learned so much and even got my second mac - powerbook. I don't buy them because they are cool or trendy- I'm not a trendy girl. I use them because they work well for what I do and I have never had a problem, and well because they are in my comfort zone. So PC people please don't give me a hard time about my computer. I don't give you a hard time.
That is all


Jessie said...

If only more Mac owners were like you...

Anonymous said...

dude, so youz like got haven a computer mac. that be mad edible, yo. mac and cheeze be always my fave.