Wednesday, July 19, 2006

feel'n good

I apologize for the bi-polarness of my blog these days. One moment they are cheery and the next moment sad. This is a cheery one. Apartment hunt of summer 2006 is officially over. I found a place today. I will be living in a one bedroom. This will be my first time going solo. I'm excited for the change, and a little worried about being lonely. I cant keep the kitty cat, cat's are not allowed. That makes me sad. Other than that, I feel a huge weight lifted and I think things are going mighty fine.

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Jessie said...

You will love not having a roommate for the following reasons:
(a) No more putting up with your roommate's abnoxious friends/lovers/random people they bring home.
(b) Full control over all decorating.
(c) You get to use both sides of all cupboards, closets, counters, etc.
(d) One bathroom for one person, the way it was designed to be.
(e) And more!!!