Tuesday, October 24, 2006


My apartment was crawling with large nasty spiders last night. I saw the first one while talking to my dad on the telephone. It was about the size of a quarter and died fighting. My poor dad had to listen to me as I ranted and raved about how horrible it was to have such a large spider terrorizing me. Once I hung up the phone, I went into a crazy cleaning frenzy. I found a similar spider under my bed- only this one was dead. I was probably just hanging out, planning a hostile take over of my apartment when it died. I really need to get over my spider fear.

This morning, I found myself mesmorized. There is a crack in my windshield (caused by loose gravel on the highway to Jackpot). I watched it as it spread across the glass. The heat from my window defroster speed this process along. It was so strange to watch, it didn't look real. It moved fast.

Halloween is soon. I think I will be a witch- that is if I do anything this year. Halloween is hit or miss for me- I either go all out, or avoid it all together.

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