Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Native Americans went on vision quests to isolate themselves with nature. They were searching for oneness, spirituality, and meaning. My mission was hardly as romantic. I was going to go home because I couldn't concentrate at the coffee house. Instead, I just started driving. No destination in mind, no plan, no clue when I would stop. I would have drove to the ocean and back if I could. I ended up lost in Ontario Oregon. Then I decided to come back home. I didn't meet any spiritual guides or have an epiphany. I did feel a lot better when I got home that night. I kinda wish I would have drove to the ocean though. I really wanna see the sea again- I miss it.
Every employee at work must complete anti harassment training. I was a diligent worker and got this done right away. Somehow my certificate of completion was lost and there was no proof that I had done the training. So I had to redo it. I watched an hour of videos on the internet that outlined the rules of the anti harassment policy. They told me that harassment can come in many forms. The main concern was sexual harassment. People often make others uncomfortable by making comments about the way they look or dress. So I watched the videos and did the little test at the end. Passed with flying colors. I printed a few copies of the completion certificate and as I was walking back from the printer some of the ladies I work with said, "we've been talking about you..." So I walked over to them to find out what they were saying. Andrea* told me that she really liked my pants. Then she said she wished she had long legs like me and complemented me for the way I walk so "elegant". I was roaring with laughter in my head as I graciously thanked her for her compliment.
Today I was at Target and there was a really cute baby hanging over the shoulder of her mother who walked slowly in front of me. I winked and made faces at her until she giggled and shyed away. Then I realized there were a lot of people around. I looked around and then giggled and shyed away.
I love music so much because I have a hard time communicating verbally. My speech is word vomit. I admire people that can describe complicated matters of life with words and sounds.

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