Sunday, October 15, 2006

racking up

I always say no when they ask if I want room for cream. Then I turn around and pour some cream in my coffee. Its funny to make people believe your something your not. Until you realize that you really don't know who you are to begin with. I appreciate honesty and wish everyone could be so honest. I'm much more tired today than I originally thought I was.

An old man told the young coffee house worker that he should be racking up some experience at his age.

Nothing really makes much sense when your so close to it.

They were all born frozen. Most of them melted along the way. One remained cold. Saw the world as it appears through five inches of frozen water. Nothing was ever very clear. Sometimes it seemed like things were there when they really were not. Somehow it always stayed warm inside. One day she awoke and he gave her a look that pierced her frozen shell. Similar to the way it feels when you get a paper cut. You hear the paper slice your flesh and at first it really doesn't hurt. You look to the ceiling, then to your wounded finger. That little cut will remind you its there every time you eat a salty chip. This look did so much more than just cause her pain. It froze her heart. She felt it like a pin prick and then it moved through her vains and devoured her. She thought that if she could just let all the air out of her lungs, maybe she could just sink to the bottom of the sea. But it wont let her. Now she just wants nothing more than to melt.

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