Saturday, October 07, 2006

one of the last nice days till winter

It's really nice out today- I got the job- im going to be working alot very soon. Im kinda excited but at the same time a little terrified. For some reason I am afraid of staying here for too long and this might make it hard to want to leave. I don't know what to expect. Last night I acted so strange- I have not been myself over the last few weeks. I had a dream that I slept through my weekend. A few nights ago I had an even stranger dream. I dreamt that there were all these people who were driving their cars like they were motorcycles. By that I mean, they sat on the roofs of the car with their legs spread eagle and there were handlebars on the roof. Its looked really uncomfortable but everyone was doing it. I needed a ride to my car because I left it at some grocery store and I hitched a ride with this friendly couple. I rode inside the car like a normal person. They were strange little imaginary dream people. What ever floats your boat.

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