Thursday, February 08, 2007

sing, dance, play, learn!

I knew he could see my reflection in the window. So I really tried hard not to laugh, but the combination of his vibrato and erroneous U2 lyrics were just too much for me to handle. His ipod was turned up loud enough for me to sing along—but I was too busy trying not to laugh. He was working out on the elliptical next to me and we both faced a large reflective window. I really do think he was just trying to make me laugh. I should have called him out on it.

So I have two requests for the rec center:
1) Allow me to wear sleeveless shirts—it's no longer 1950.
2) Bring in louder elliptical machines so they drown out the sound of the overweight self proclaimed american idol using the machine next to me.—although that was pretty funny!

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