Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mya's house is haunted

Strange week.

I went to the laundromat for the first time on Monday. I talked to a lady who works there. She told me that she makes her own dolls, and then said they sell bottled water at the laundromat. I wasn't sure what the connection was between water and dolls but I'm glad she told me about both. I enjoyed the laundry mat and all its strange company. I will be back again soon.

The radio station hosted a free listener appreciation concert. It made me feel special to get free tickets to the show, even though it was a free concert and everyone got free tickets. Augustana was good, the opening band was horrible. I choose to drink rather than listen. By the time Augustana took the stage I was trashed and so was Alice. I realized that I have a lot in common with Alice and I enjoyed our girl chat that evening.

I was really hungover the next morning.
Sleep was my priority that night.
I didn't sleep that night.
New neighbors. Loud party.
They actually threw empty beer cans onto my balcony.
grrr I was so mad!

There was a freak storm on Thursday. I went for a run outside that evening. It was a beautiful day. After the run I took a shower. When I got out the weather had changed significantly. It was kinda creepy. I was pretty sure the end of the world was coming. The power went out in the North End. Crazy night.

After the storm passed, I went downtown to party party. I actually don't even remember a large portion of that night. I ran into an old friend that night. I'm a stupid compulsive drunk. I had so much fun.

I went to sushi last night.
I love sushi.
I ordered something different. It was good.
I found out that I don't eat food with eyes.
I also found out that I can talk a friend of mine into eating food with eyes.

After sushi we saw a horror movie at the fancy theater downtown.
I learned a lot about myself from that film:
I don't like horror films
I am not afraid of the dark.
I am afraid of the nasty slimy bald people climbing around in the dark.
I scream really loud in movie theaters.
I usually laugh right after I scream.
I think that mobiles and chickens are funny.

Mya's house is haunted.

After the movie we went dancing. Stupid guys kept hitting on mya and me. I am a bitch to stupid guys. I wish guys could just not be so stupid. I also wish that I could just not be so stupid. That was a crazy night. I don't know that I have ever partied that many hours in a row. We started downtown and ended up at some random guy's house in the middle of farmville. It was like a 20 minute drive to that house. I don't even know why we went. I had fun. It was so random. I found out that mya can drink a half bottle of sake by herself, even after she found a bug floating in her cup (thats dedicated drinking, she just fished it out and kept drinking). I also found out that mya knows a lot of drinking games. We played a few. I cheated each time. I only took one drink regardless of how many I was supposed to take. Those guys were really nice. We hung out until 6am.

I'm really tired.
I really like coffee shops with free wifi!

* In order to protect the identity of those involved. The names used in this blog are not the actual names of the real people they describe.

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