Sunday, August 20, 2006

coffee goers

I really enjoy these little chocolate candies at this fun little coffee shop. They taste really good, especially if you put them in your cheek and drink coffee, it is like a mocha mix in your mouth- fantastic. I think more men should wear eyeliner, not all men, but more men - it looks really good on some.
I have been here for hours. I spent a long time sketching pictures of all the coffee goers- I didn't stop until I noticed some of them becoming uncomfortable by my constant glances. I think the people here are really interesting.
I drew a picture of the lady from the laundromat. I think I might do something with that later- its a fun little sketch.
Last night I was sitting down town and I saw a guy leave a building. This would have been perfectly normal, except he was wearing latex gloves and snapped one of them while he exited the building. There is something creepy about a well dress man leaving a building at night while wearing latex gloves.
Dancing is fun, but when I'm ready to get my grove on I have a hard time calling it a night so soon. They should allow the dancers to dance all night, down with time limitations. Actually make that down with time. I know there are other cultures that are not so concerned with time and deadlines. They put family and personal relationships above the importance of timeliness. I think I should find such a culture become a part of it.
So the race I run every year is but a few months away- maybe everyone should make bets on whether I can actually do it this year. My distance motivation has been down so I think it is in my best interest to participate in the half marathon rather than the full. Last year I ran the entire 26.2 miles, I'm thinking I will do the 13.1 and try and run it super fast. I guess only time will tell.
This year I think I might do thanksgiving in New England. Is that cliche? I don't care, I have a super amazing friend who I need to visit and since my birthday lands on the magical thanksgiving day, I think I deserve a little vacation. I'm excited. Maybe you all should make bets on this too, I've planned this trip many times over the last year and a half and have yet to make it. I always do the things I say I'm going to, it just takes me a while some times...

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