Tuesday, August 15, 2006

flooded trailers and frank sinatra

Is it so strange that I want to live my life based off of a sinatra song?

Yesterday was a busy day at work. I went to the laundromat that evening. I decided that I am going to illustrate all the characters I encounter there. I'm going to call it the lint series.

This is what I observed about the laundry people:

Some may be a little strange, but only because they are completely genuine and not afraid to be who they are.
Some might be very loud, but only because they have strong opinions and are not afraid to share them with the random people at the mat.
Some might seem completely normal while sitting in the corner reading a book. Those are the same ones with the shifty eyes who spend their hour at the laundry mat observing other people's life's while ignoring their own.

I went for a run through the hills after I got home from the mat. I had an epiphany during my run. I always have epiphanies when I run. I think it's something about being totally alone with your own thoughts. I don't listen to music or have any distractions that would allow me to hide from myself like I normally do. So this is usually the time when I figure things out in my head. On this particular run I decided that I want to dedicate my life to having adventures. I want to balance it out with a good stable job during the week. The rest of my life is to be spent traveling or pushing myself to do things I have never done. It would be nice to have a buddy to share this with, but I am no longer going to let that stop me or hold me back. Looking back on my life, the best decisions I have made were those that I did for myself and usually ended up doing alone. Ideally I would find an amazing person with the same drive as myself, but I have no reason to believe that that will ever happen.

Later that same night I went and visited an old friend. He just got back to town and moved into a one bedroom apartment nearby. He made me a couple margaritas and we talked about all the random things that make life what it is. It was a good conversation, I didn't feel the need to talk about the things that make me sad. We chatted about bum culture and plants. I went home around midnight.

I wanted to go to bed but I suddenly wasn't tired. So I thought I would call a friend and see what was going on. It was clear that if I wanted to do anything else that night, it would have to be hitting the bars. I really had no desire to do that. For some reason I just wanted to hang out with someone- maybe I should have stayed at my other friend's house longer.

So restless mind + loud neighbors = no sleep. grr
I had a dream that I moved into a trailer home that was built in the middle of a lake. When I moved in, the lake was drained. Someone neglected to inform me that the lake would rise again. I woke in my home one night and looked out the window to see the water had risen about 5 ft. I opened the window and pushed a log away that was floating in the water. I watched as the water rose above the window and swallowed my home. I wasn't worried at all until I realized that I had no way of getting to work. My car was also under the water.

I woke up at noon today, so I guess I must have fallen asleep at some point. I don't have to work until 4pm, so now I am hanging out at the coffee shop and writing this blog. Coffee is yummy.

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