Sunday, November 05, 2006

Reflective black

Reflective black.I can't think of a better way to describe late rainy nights. It was the perfect temperature to take the long way. I felt like walking on my toes, and my silver lined slippers were the shoe of choice. The streets were wet and shiny. I played hop-scotch in the rain puddles. The spring in my step took attention away from my wet hair and runny nose. She looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for the ticket. I had strolled, contemplated, and wasted time so I wouldn't arrive to soon. Only to find upon arrival, that I was at the wrong theater. Determination and lightning fast steps carried me back to my car in time to drive to the correct location. I paid for my ticket and quickly walked to my seat. It was a fantastic movie. Sofia Coppola is amazing!

Flake, by Jack Johnston makes me think of vampires. Strange, huh.
When that song first came out I was addicted to it. I immediately fell in love. At the time I was still living at home with my parents, going to community college, and working part time as a waitress. I always worked at 4pm on Saturdays. I hated working breakfast. The restaurant had a breakfast buffet that consisted of greasy bacon and soggy pancakes. It was gross, and so were the people that ordered it and proceeded to eat and eat. I think the biscuits and gravy were the worst- soggy bread and white nasty gravy. It was enough to make me sick.
I kicked off my Saturday mornings with a little homework. Yes, the same homework I spent my Friday night working on. After a couple hours of work I would turn the TV to TBS or USA. Those were my favorite channels. They always played my favorite movies on Saturday afternoons. Someone at that network must have been a huge fan of Interview With a Vampire because there was a good month when that was all they showed. It was the same time when Flake was released to the radio. Now I will forever picture Brad Pit as a vampire every time I hear that song.

I have chosen to spend my thanksgiving/birthday with my brother in sunny California. I can't wait. I am so happy that he is my big brother. He is actually excited that I am coming! There is something about a growing relationship with a family member that is really comforting. I feel close to my parents as well, but for some reason I have never felt close to my other two brothers.

Yesterday I bought a bed.
"Your and adult now!"
That was the response most people gave when I told them how excited I was that I will no longer be sleeping on the floor. How does buying a bed suddenly make me an adult? I suppose I could have spent the money on clothing or alcohol- would that have made me an adolescent? And now that I am a proud owner of a bed, I can go out and find a lover. Our culture classifies an adult by actions rather than age. I was technically an adult when I turned 18. If responsibilities and actions classify someone as an adult, then being an adult is variable. Once you become one, you can just as easily become a child. So why do we bother calling anyone an adult. I don't really like that word, and I don't know that I want to be an adult anyways. I like watching cartoons on Saturday mornings and I don't eat diner.

***I wrote this on Saturday and posted it on Sunday*****

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Anonymous said...

how many kids do you know that buy their own bed?