Sunday, November 26, 2006

leaving on a jet plane

I just rediscovered something.
A pen.
Yes, a magical instrument used to write.
I have this burning desire to write.
I am in an airport with no computer.
Funny how easily I could forget that I can write the good old fashioned way -
pen to paper.

We spoke about holiday travel trends. I found myself memorized by his taxi licence mounted on the front dashboard. His conversation was pleasant, but his photo on his licence was eerily resembled one that you might see on the late evening news. The headline might be something like, "Taxi driver kills young girl in a sudden rage while driving her to the airport."
He dropped me off safely at the airport. Now I feel bad because I forgot to tip him.

Flying is fantastic. I always feel tingly as I walk through the airport. Something exciting and refreshing about going somewhere new. Each time I enter an airport, regardless of if I am departing or arriving- I come out a changed girl. New perspectives and experiences, and a renewed view on life. It feels so good. It makes me feel alive.

People are beginning to line up now. The plane is on time and scheduled to depart in 45 mins. I don't want to stop writing though. I'm not writing anything important but it feels good. It feels like a release.

I am excited to leave town. I will be equally excited to return. I am glad to be where I am and to have done the things I have done. They have all made me who I am, and right now I am thrilled to be me.


I stopped writing and got up to stand in line. Only to stand there for an hour and a half. Fog in the bay area delayed my plane.

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