Sunday, December 03, 2006

green glow

I looked down at my phone and quickly deleted the evidence. Spiders shouldn't date ladybugs, they will never understand each other. The ladybugs always end up hurt. I decided to relax and have fun.

Beyond the cow patties and fields of frost covered grains, shines a soft green glow contained within a small building in the middle of a podunk town.

We were all emersed in green as I lead the way to the back of the room. We settled into a large table near the stage and listened to the band play. They were really talented. I got up and danced. The room was pretty empty. The lead guitarist jumped off the stage and serenaded me. It was really cute. Later that night, my friend said she would give me $50 if I went and danced on the stage. I looked at her then at the stage and then back at her again, smiled, and said, "I'll do it for free". So I did. It was fantastic. I think there was magic in that green glow. Magic may not last forever, but just knowing its there is enough for me.

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